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Handbooks of sailings

Cruise in style on the Ganges through the heart of India

Stunning temples and untouched villages are among the highlights of this voyage, says Times fashion director Anna Murphy.

Kolkata’s vibrant ethos

“Formerly known as Calcutta, the city of Kolkata in eatern India is a highly seductive one. The british liked this riverside

Is Kolkata India’s City of Stories?

“From prisons that housed revolutionary poets to streets where serial killers once roamed, there's so much more to Kolkata

Wellness Cruises Are Taking Over the Waters

“When the wellness-retreat trend cemented places like Bali, Tulum, and Goa as destinations for nine-to-fivers desperate for a reset...

Business Line

The heralding of the launch of Kolkata to Dhaka cruise by Exotic Heritage Group, an honour that the Exotic Group is privileged to have.

River Cruising Makes Waves in India

Providing the West with a glimpse of the east and Asia. A taste of finer things and the touch of crude in the exact amount makes all the difference.


A vivid light on our services, ambience, accommodation, hospitality, food and experience. A reflection of our commitment towards our guests.

Cruise critic

A thorough report and an over-view of the Ganges Voyager II by Cruise Critic Manager Editor, Chris Gray Faust. A glimpse of our services, guest review and hospitality.

Discover India

The first travel magazine of India on the cruise journey with us “Discovering the country wave by wave”; Discover India all about us.

Crociere Bengal Ganga

Here’s all that RV Bengal Ganga has in store for you. An experience unimaginable; a journey of lifetime on the holy waters of the Ganges.

Cult(s) India Gange

Let us take you through our official website. A page on the web with all our details, services, experiences that we offer with illustrations for better understanding.


Jeanette Savage documents intricate details of her trip to South America. Travelling through Peru, Brazil, Argentina and finally Chile, she pens it all down with photographs.

Cruising The Ganges Is All About People And Places

A river uniting people and civilizations for centuries! As you cruise on the Ganges, the stories and legends accompany you- a clearer look into both the civilizations.

A Ganges Cruise By Hell Or Low Water

Ganges will never disappoint you. Whether the tides are high or low, you sail through your journey just like life. Letting loose is all that we can do.

Your bucket list will be incomplete without these cruises in India

Thank you India Today for such appreciation. A matter of pride when one of the best magazines of the Indian democracy is all for your services.


Greavers Tours one on one with Arjun Sinsinwar. One behalf of RV Bengal Ganga, Sinsinwar takes you through a tour of the cruise life with us.

Ganges River

Know all about the Ganges river and the population around it. A trip becomes more celebrated when you know where to start experiencing from.

Cruise connect along Brahmaputra and Padma

Telegraph heralding the launch of RV Ganga is a pride again. A new feather in our heart in our due course of cruise hospitality.

Ganges Voyager II

Its all here- all that we have in store for you. Give us the opportunity of serving you at RV Bengal Ganga and rejuvenate yourself sailing on the waters of the Ganges.

Ganges Voyager offers eight-day bewitching

For those who can’t make time, a shorter journey with all the fun, just for you. Le the nature bewitch you with all its might and grip. It’s time to dive in.

13 Reasons You Should Take a Cruise This Year

We have listed 13, but we bet there are more. The topmost being that cruises provide you with the most aesthetic way of self rejuvenation. To know the rest, read on.

Travel like a king on cruise

To live life king size, take up our trip and redefine luxury. Royal and regal, RV Bengal Ganga and Ganga Voyager I & II, are dreams come true.

Uniworld to launch Ganges Voyager II for river cruises in India

When Indian Express writes about you, it indeed is a matter of great pride. We are lucky to receive so much attention from the masses and the important.

Indian river cruises offer an exciting new experience

Your experience with us will be everything but boring and bad. Give us an opportunity of serving you with only the best of cruise hospitality.

India’s Ganges: The Next Star in River Cruises

Clark Norton’s reviews on our services and being called a “Star” by a personality like him really is a matter of pride. We are on cloud 9!

Travel like a king on cruise

To live life king size, take up our trip and redefine luxury. Royal and regal, RV Bengal Ganga and Ganga Voyager I & II, are dreams come true.

E.L. Doctorow’s India (EXCERPT)

Doctorow defines her experience in India with the experience she had with us on board. Directly from the horses’s mouth, this documentation has all about us.

Ganges River

Our Goddess since centuries and life for many, cruising on the Ganges is all the more colourful due to the diversity along its course.