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Frequently Asked Questions

You can go to our website and choose your package.

Yes, you can make a direct booking from the website.

While travel insurance is not required to participate in this program, Heritage River Journeys strongly recommends that each guest purchase a travel insurance policy that covers medical expenses while traveling internationally.

Apart from the stay and basic amenities, we have many other inclusions such as access to the lounge area, evening cultural performances, excursions to different locations on the way, and much more.

Yes, this cruise is for families with kids, couples, and solo travellers as well.

For a cruise trip, it’s advisable to prepare for a variety of weather conditions depending on your travel season. Layering clothing items is always your best bet. We recommend a lightweight rain jacket or umbrella and comfortable walking shoes, with good ankle support, that are easy to remove when required at certain sites.

The weather keeps varying according to the destination we’re at.

Comfortable, sporty, smart-casual daywear is appropriate both onshore and on board. No strict guidelines about that but at some sites, you may also be required to have your head, shoulder, and knees covered, and/or remove your shoes. You may bring temple socks to wear in the Hindu temples where shoes are not allowed.

Each of our ships has over 18+ luxurious cabins & suites.

We have high-speed Wi-Fi in our river cruises. The service is available in public areas, but it may not be available at all times in some locations the ship sails through.

The ship is well-equipped with modern amenities and facilities, including a spa, private dining, and more.

Yes, we have a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for kids as well as adults.

We have on-call doctors on the cruise for the guests.

Yes, smoking is allowed in the deck area of the cruise.

For our policies and cancellation rules, please go through our website.

We have various transportation options, including local as well as luxury fleet.

Guests with mobility issues need to discuss their concerns with Heritage River Journeys staff at the time of booking. Our professional and experienced team takes care of the guests when they’re travelling with us.

Yes, we have a dedicated spa service on the cruise.

Yes, pre-approved visa for both India and Bangladesh are required before travel. Check here for more information on India Visa & Bangladesh Visa

Bottled water is always available on the ship as well as freshwater, but while traveling in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh, we travel in salt water, so from Kolkata in India up to Barisal in Bangladesh and vice versa, fresh water will be available for a limited time.

We’d love to hear from you.

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